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HB Workplaces

At HB Workplaces, we believe that great spaces lead to great outcomes. We are so much more than a furniture dealer – we are consultants, strategists, and design collaborators bringing our customers’ vision and goals into focus.

We Believe...

Great Spaces Lead to Great Outcomes

We believe that well-designed spaces lead to better outcomes, and that we accomplish more when we love the spaces we’re in.

You Can't Separate Form from Function

We believe in romanticizing and intellectualizing space simultaneously, to revel the realm of possibilities while staying rooted in the desired goal, use, and outcome.

Big Ideas Bring Big Ideas to Life

We are so much more than a furniture dealer, we work as workplace consultants, strategists, and collaborators to bring plans into focus.

Collaboration is the Mother of Invention

We believe in the power of collaboration to yield better ideas and outcomes. We’re only as good as the sum of our parts and the symbiotic ecosystem of co-creators, visionaries, brands, partners, and vendors.

Workplaces Shouldn't Be So Much Work

We believe that workplaces should support communities of people – creating, innovating, experiencing, connecting, producing and thriving. We spend so much time at work, shouldn’t it be a pleasure?

Who and Where You Are Matters

As a brand fueled by regional mindsets, individual styles and sensibilities, and diverse vendors and manufacturers – everything we do comes down to our relationships, expertise, insight, and localized focus.

2023 Website About Company Miller Knoll
Herman Miller Showroom at Fulton Market. Chicago, IL. 2019.

A MillerKnoll Certified Dealer Since 1983

As MillerKnoll’s exclusive Certified Dealer for Herman Miller and Knoll in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho, we use the industry’s best products to turn every-day spaces into modern-day workplaces.

Realize the Power of Place

See how HB Workplaces can help create a workplace that looks and feels as good as it functions.

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