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Spacesaver Intermountain: Specialty Storage

Our Spacesaver Intermountain team is passionate about storage and takes pride in every project.

Providing the best solutions for your unique needs is our expertise. For specialty storage that means Spacesaver Intermountain. Our team of in-house storage experts will tackle the most challenging storage demands. With proper storage your available space is fully optimized, your valuable assets are protected, and your operations are streamlined and efficient.

Spacesaver Intermountain is the exclusive dealer for industry leader, Spacesaver Corporation. With over 250,000 successful installations since 1972, Spacesaver Corporation simply can't be beat when it comes to secure storage, lockers, cantilever shelving, and mobile shelving. Spacesaver has innovative solutions for library shelving, office storage, military storage, museum archive storage, secure evidence storage, pharmacy, athletic, and sterile surgical storage.

Spacesaver's high-density mobile storage systems are custom designed to suit any storage requirements, no matter what you need to store or where you need to store it. These top quality systems provide organization, accessibility and security.

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