NeoCon and Design Days 2023

What to Expect at The Mart and MillerKnoll

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NeoCon and Design Days 2023: What to Expect at The Mart and MillerKnoll

In preparation for NeoCon and MillerKnoll Design Days, we’ve gathered some of the latest trends in both products and settings as companies look to adapt to a new way of working – with focus on creating environments that support employee well-being.

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A Sense of Belonging

Spaces are shifting to foster a stronger sense of community, a priority vocalized by many during post-pandemic evaluations of the workplace. Casual areas and amenities are proving valuable to organizations in providing employees with opportunities for spontaneous creativity, skill-sharing, and networking.

Things to look for... Open Seating Areas, Informal Breakout and Meeting Spaces, Shared Amenity and Dining Spaces

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Teamwork Equals Dreamwork

As organizations continue to navigate challenges posed by remote work first-hand, team chemistry, collaboration, and comradery continues to be a common thread voiced in many of the conversations about the importance of the workplace. While spaces designed to promote teamwork are nothing new, the shared challenges are unique in this new generation of the workplace – and work force.

Things to look for... Multi-Person Privacy Booths, Mobile Surfaces and Writing Areas, Working Lounge Areas, Benching Workstations

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Distraction-Free Space

Recent workplace design evaluations have consistently included feedback regarding the home office’s lack of focus space. While there are many benefits to the flexibility and comforts of home, the autonomy that many are seeking in the new era of work is being provided by the office.

Things to look for… Individual Privacy Booths, Enhanced Ergonomics and Storage at Workstations, Acoustic Panels and Space Dividers, Lounge Seating, Hoteling Workstations

Headed to Chicago?

We would love to coordinate a Windy City meet-up and opportunity for you and your firm to experience Herman Miller and Knoll’s showrooms during MillerKnoll Design Days.

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