Uncover the Purpose of Your Place

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HB Workplaces Headquarters

Uncover the Purpose of Your Place

Balancing employee expectations for flexibility can present challenges in fostering their connections with each other and the organization. Today's workplaces must prioritize wellbeing, connection, and change to meet organizational needs.

Through the process of designing our new headquarters, re-approaching the way we work, and supporting customers in their own unique journeys, we have discovered a variety of strategies and tools that help align physical spaces to your company's purpose and culture.

"A business can only thrive when its employees are thriving."



The physical workplace can enhance wellbeing with ergonomic support, flexible spaces for work, and areas for rejuvenation.

How We're Prioritizing Wellbeing in Our Headquarters
• Layout Includes Variety of Spaces Designed for Focus and Rejuvenation, Including Adjacent Outdoor Spaces for Work and Recreation
• Architectural Design Includes Timber Building Materials, Creating Warmth and Visual Connection to Nature

Connection 1


Today’s workplace needs to be ready to host rich, interpersonal connections between colleagues—both in-person and remote.

How We're Prioritizing Connection in Our Headquarters
• Layout Includes Diversity of Spaces to Support Collaboration and Socializing
• Programmed to Promote Inter-Departmental Collaboration, Create Operational Efficiencies

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We help organizations embrace change by giving people control over their environment, allowing them to tweak it to meet their needs by the minute, the hour, or the day.

How We're Prioritizing Change and Adaptability in Our Headquarters
• Designed for Evolution, Ease of Future Reconfiguration
• Unassigned Workspace Options to Support Flexibility, Choice

Realize the Power of Place

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