HB Sprague Solutions Merger Frequently Asked Questions

HB Sprague Solutions Merger FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about HB and Sprague Solutions? Browse FAQs Below!

What’s Happening?
Henriksen Butler (HB) and Sprague Solutions have merged in Boise, Idaho. On Tuesday, March 1st, the two teams joined together to exclusively represent MillerKnoll, which includes iconic brands Herman Miller, Knoll, and a total of 19 affiliated brands.

Sprague Solutions? Tell me more!
Founded by Daniel and Tracy Sprague, Sprague Solutions has served the greater Boise area as an authorized dealer of Knoll Furniture for more than 20 years. From private offices to large public spaces, Daniel and Tracy Sprague approach design with the client in mind, offering custom solutions for vastly distinctive client challenges.

Herman Miller and Knoll merged?
Yes. In July 2021, Herman Miller acquired Knoll to form a new company that will offer their renowned collection of brands under the MillerKnoll banner. MillerKnoll’s decision to join forces in the commercial furniture industry created an exciting new opportunity for us to do the same for the Idaho contract interiors market.

Why did HB and Sprague Solutions merge?
With the MillerKnoll merger complete, HB, the region’s leading Herman Miller interiors provider, and Sprague Solutions, Knoll's market leader, decided to explore the idea of uniting to bring the family of MillerKnoll brands to market as one company. The leadership and operations teams of Sprague Solutions and HB spent several months discussing ideas and strategies and concluded that the two companies clearly share synergistic goals, and like MillerKnoll, perfectly complement one another.As of March 1st, our teams officially merged to become the exclusive dealer bringing MillerKnoll’s family of brands to market in Idaho.

What does the merger mean for customers?
Combining the infrastructure, knowledge, and experience of HB with the level of service, and unique expertise of Sprague Solutions makes good sense for us and our customers. Here are some primary ways the combination helps our customers:

1. Sprague Solutions offers expertise in Knoll products from over a decade of design and specification. Likewise, HB brings a wealth of knowledge in Herman Miller and the experience of over 40 years in the industry. Leveraging this combined expertise ensures our customers continue to receive the high-value, service, and outcomes they expect while having access to the best solutions available from the MillerKnoll collection of brands.

2. With access to 19 brands within the MillerKnoll family, customers will benefit from an unparalleled product offering within one location.

3. Onboarding Sprague Solutions with HB’s existing infrastructure streamlines processes for all customers. A single platform allows both teams to manage projects efficiently and effectively for the best possible customer experience.

4. We are proud to bring our customers a newly planned, best-in-class showroom where they can see the best of MillerKnoll brand offerings. The new showroom will showcase a variety of collections, and unite our team of savvy industry experts, exclusive services, and project management under one roof. It will be built over the next year and will prominently feature Herman Miller, Knoll and products from other leading brands represented by MillerKnoll.

More than furnishings?
HB offers several additional services that provide interior solutions for customers planning and designing workplaces:

• HB Build: Smarter interior construction without the lengthy build out process. Adopting prefabricated walls and construction solutions allows customers the freedom to plan and build workspaces that meet their needs.As a DIRTT partner, HB brings clients the leading name in modular interior construction.

• Spacesaver Intermountain brings a broad range of specialty storage solutions.

In addition to offering these brands and services, the newly combined entity will have an unparalleled warehouse installation and post sale services and support capability.

Will my current Sprague Solutions or HB job face disruptions during the transition?
No. Current projects will proceed exactly as planned.

Who will be my account manager?
Existing customers will not experience transition in account management. For customers currently working with Dan, Tracy, Jeff or one of our other talented account managers, the point of contact will remain the same.New customers will be paired with those within the organization best aligned to their needs. Note, we are retaining all existing staff as well as bringing on new talent, ensuring continuity of the service our customers expect.

How else will the transition affect me?
With over 260 employees, HB provides infrastructure and expertise to manage back-of-house business operations. This allows the entire Boise team to focus on the customer.

When will we see the new showroom?
The new HB showroom will be located at Boise’s newest, premier downtown address, the 11th& Idaho building. Planning and design are underway with an opening targeted for early 2023. As one of the first MillerKnoll conceived showrooms in the country, the space will showcase the unmatched beauty, functionality, and hospitality that embodies MillerKnoll. Stay tuned for sneak peeks and special events around the celebratory opening of our showroom!