Let's Move Forward Together

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Let's Move Forward Together

We recognize the critical role people play in an organization’s success. We also understand the value of place—the places where people work, learn, heal, live and play. Physical places should not only provide individuals with a meaningful connection to work, colleagues and community, but also provide safety and protection.

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Is Your Workplace Ready?

Henriksen Butler has over 40 years of experience helping companies create inspiring, productive and safe places to work. Our workplace strategy services and placemaking designers can help you define new practices and prepare your people and place for what’s next. Here's how we can help you:

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Return to Workplace Strategy

Many organizations are suddenly faced with difficult realities. How do you prepare people, place and business practices for a post-COVID-19 environment? One-size will not fit all. Our experienced workplace strategy team can help you develop your strategy, change management communication and employee return to work experience.

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Evaluate and reduce occupancy, adjusting furniture spacing to meet minimum 6ft/2m distance between people. Includes work stations, collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, and break areas.

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Reconfigure work stations and collaborative areas to allow for recommended distancing and reduce face-to-face orientation in low, open environments.

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Create positive boundaries within existing work stations by incorporating moveable or fixed screening, storage elements and partitions. Evaluate and incorporate purposeful circulation and pathways to minimize close contact.

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Work From Home Solutions

Create an “at home” work environment with ergonomic solutions that support health, safety, technology and work productivity.

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Now is the time to plan and prepare your workplace transition.

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