Post-NeoCon Inspiration: Exploring Our Trend-Infused Scout Board

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Explore Our Trend-Infused NeoCon Inspiration Board

See HB Workplaces’ inspiration board drawing from this year’s NeoCon and Design Days showrooms. Browse the collection of furniture, styles, and trends captured throughout the week’s events.

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Collaborative zones with dedicated areas for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and cross-departmental collaborations. Encourage organic exchanges, creativity, and shared purpose among employees.

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Versatile work environments that foster collaboration, autonomy, and seamless functionality. Customize your surroundings for unique needs, enhancing efficiency in the today's workplace.

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The integration of residential-inspired furnishings enhanced the thought-provoking and immersive experience within the workplace environment. While the deliberate juxtaposition of bold colors in natural settings added an extra layer of visual interest.

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New, intuitive designs aim to reduce stress, improve effectiveness, and nurture a positive employee experience within the workplace.

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