Design Summit Sparks Creativity

Bring together 30 Henriksen Butler designers from 3 states for a 2-day summit and watch the creative energy flow. That’s how things unfolded at our recent HB Design Summit.

Designsummit2016 2

With three primary goals - to share creative ideas, address challenges, and empower everyone with the tools to succeed - this summit was a powerful event for everyone involved.

Held in Salt Lake City at our newly opened Learning Center, this flexible space supported collaboration and open communication between the designers. HB’s own longtime showroom designer, Rick Edwards, gave the attendees an in-depth presentation using HB’s spaces as living examples. One designer commented. “I really loved Rick's presentation and the focus on design fundamentals. The summit reminded me what I love about the design profession. It was really refreshing.”

Designsummit2016 6

Investing in the continued education and creativity of our design team is top priority for Henriksen Butler. Dave Colling, CEO, says, “At our core, we believe great design is a powerful tool in helping organizations achieve their objectives, improve the lives of workers, and enrich the overall experience of work.”

Taking every designer out of commission for two days was no small feat but the benefit was clear. HB is investing in designers to develop the best resource in the industry for our customers and valued partners.

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