CEO, Dave Colling, Shares His Thoughts on Why Space Matters

Let me start by sharing two of my favorite quotes by Herman Miller's founder, DJ De Pree. The first, "Great design is not just good business, it’s a moral obligation". And the second. . .

Dave Colling Ceo Salt Lake City 1

"A business is rightly judged by its product and service, but it must also face scrutiny and judgment as to its humanity".

Wow, powerful statements from DJ, first uttered more than 75 years ago. These quotes have helped guide what I want HB to stand for and also why I believe HB is a lot more than just a business. At our core, I believe we are here to help organizations achieve their objectives, improve the lives of their workers and enrich the overall experience of work through great design. Put another way, the work we do truly creates great spaces that not only inspire but also help the people within those spaces do their very best work.

When we complete a project, we take pride in what we leave behind and the impact it will have on the building's inhabitants for many years to come. Over the past few years we have partnered on some extraordinary projects. When people ask what we do, we proudly say that we help create great spaces where people work, learn and heal.

H/B's SLC Heaquarters in Historic Synagogue

Finally, making these statements is one thing, but truly living our mission is another. This is why we choose to invest heavily of time, resources and money in our own spaces. I want to provide every HB employee the type of space we strive to provide our customers. How can I make the statements I make above without "walking the talk"? Hopefully our spaces inspire our employees and the community at large. If we achieve that, I believe we have truly made a difference.

-Dave Colling, CEO