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HB places a very high priority on maintaining a financially healthy company. By doing so, we’re able to hire, develop and retain the best talent in our markets.

Mike Taylor Cfo Henriksen Butler

Employees can pursue their careers at HB knowing we're here for the long run and we're committed to ongoing growth and development. Our commitment to expanding the business has created opportunities for hiring and has translated into many new employees over the past several years. Our employees are experiencing exciting promotions and moving throughout the company as we open in new markets and broaden our capabilities as a company. This internal development is a passion for HB and something we have always worked to provide our employees.

In addition to employee hiring and development, we continue to invest significant resources into our infrastructure including showroom updates, the latest technology, our ever-growing truck fleet, and system improvements. This allows us to offer the very best in service and support to customers in all our markets. Additionally, these investments provide great spaces for our teams to work and learn. We truly practice what we preach.

Lastly, we believe in, and offer quality benefits to our employees and their families. HB dedicates a significant amount of its earnings each year to give employees a robust variety of benefits to choose from. We do this so our employees can focus on what matters most - learning, improving and enhancing their service to customers and the community. I consider annual spending such as these the fundamental reason HB has been so successful and continues to grow well into its 36th year in business.

-Mike Taylor, Principal and CFO

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