It’s Moving Day: New Las Vegas Location is Ready at Last

Over a year in planning, searching for the perfect location, design and renovation; HB’s Las Vegas team is finally moving into their new home.

Las Vegas Showroom Rendering

After twelve momentous years in the historic Holsum Bread Factory, it was no easy decision to pick up and relocate. But with the team bumping elbows in cramped quarters, the move became a necessity.

It was essential to everyone involved that the new building reflect HB’s love for historic, architecturally significant spaces. The answer presented itself just a few miles east at the former home of the Gambler’s Book Shop. Dating back to 1955, the 5,000 square foot space was in need of real TLC.

Historic Building Las Vegas

Developer Dapper Companies, working in close step with HB stripped the building back to its essential elements, exposing the bow truss ceiling, expanding windows and skylights, and other minimal but powerful interventions. Recognizing the value of natural light and fresh air, the addition of a fully enclosed patio opened up access to the outdoors for relaxing and hosting events. Partnering with DIRTT, Henriksen Butler framed much of the building's interior using prefabricated construction. This progressive methodology allows for quicker, cleaner installation and the ability to update the space as technology, aesthetics, and ways of working evolve.

Office Construction Dirtt

Heather Bressler, VP of HB Nevada says, “Our goal is to develop a strong culture of leadership where everyone not only has the power to make decisions but the ability to become their own leader. We needed a workplace that supported that vision.”

In designing the office space, it was essential that every individual be connected to the greater whole. Spaces for spontaneous interaction, group and team meetings, areas for fun and community; these were carefully designed and implemented with acoustical supports and visual privacy.

Visitors of the space are immersed in the rich and colorful design history of Herman Miller. Art, artifacts, patterns and textures reflect the brand values of Henriksen Butler and Herman Miller and speak to a wonderful partnership stretching back over 30 years.

Herman Miller Design Fabric

CEO David Colling says, “We believe in the power of great space and the impact it has on people. We are committed to giving our employees the best possible work environment and hope we’re inspiring our customers to do the same.”

As the final details are put into place and a big vision becomes reality, customers, architects, designers, local history buffs and community at large will be welcome to stop by and see the impressive transformation. The HB Las Vegas team is excited to begin this new chapter.