HB Build Looks to Future of Construction

Jason Symons, Vice President of HB Build, our prefabricated interior construction division, leads customers into the future of interior construction through a partnership with DIRTT.

Jason Symons Hb Build

When I was hired in 2011, I was literally plucked out of the woods and brought to the city. I owned my own custom design-build company in Idaho and just finished building a cabin for a client. I was used to dealing with clients, design revisions, budgets, deadlines and dirt. Then I was introduced to a new kind of DIRTT and Henriksen Butler.

In my initial interview with Henriksen Butler’s CEO, Dave Colling, he described his vision to build a team that could design and install modular interior construction solutions, partnering with industry leader, DIRTT. He believed this was the future of interior construction and felt we owed it to our customers to deliver this advanced capability. Obviously, I was up for a challenge, but modular?

Like many, I had preconceived ideas of modular systems; the concept is not a new one. Many remember the mundane wallpaper and carpeted wall systems of the past. Thankfully, the industry has made incredible progress by implementing technology. Using powerful software we can create beautiful, innovative solutions with new finishes, flexibility, tech integration and endless customization options.

H/B Build Hero

Now a complete division of Henriksen Butler named HB Build, our team continues to grow and includes experts in Utah, Nevada and Idaho. We are leaders in the custom prefabricated interior construction industry in the Intermountain West. Using DIRTT’s technology we are outfitting healthcare and education environments with clean, modular, safe applications that support healing. Government and business organizations of all sizes are looking to us for the environmental efficiencies gained by using clean, eco, modular interior construction that can easily be changed and relocated.


With the help of the overall organization, the HB Build division has completed noteworthy projects including NuSkin, Solutionreach, Academy Mortgage, Extra Space Storage, Deseret Digital Media, Instructure, Summerlin Hospital, and UNLV, to name just a few. With the help of our design partners, these projects have gone from initial concepts in empty shell buildings to completely furnished, creative environments, enriching the lives of those they serve. With all that we all have to offer, there is no reason for our clients to look anywhere else for help in creating great spaces where people work, learn and heal.

Extra Space Meeting Lounge Room

To sum it all up, HB Build is going to continue to Build. We will always be open to new opportunities and we are excited to adapt and evolve as the industry does. I look forward to the future as we continue to work together with our customers and exceed industry standards.

Thanks to HB for bringing me out of the woods. I traded my truck for a commuter car and I now button up dress shirts instead of my flannel ones. A lot changed for me since coming to HB, and thankfully, it has all been worth it; but I'm keeping the beard.

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