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Make-A-Wish Fundraiser brings joy to all involved

For employees at Henriksen Butler, the summer held many wonderful memories, but none as special as the Make-A-Wish fundraiser and event. Partnering with employees from VCBO Architecture, funds were raised to grant a wish to a very deserving child.

Indy 7

With weeks of planning, cash fundraising, corporate matches, opportunity drawings, and lots of encouragement, the fundraiser garnered a total of $13,180, enough to cover a full second wish. The fundraiser culminated in a Moana themed wish reveal party at Henriksen Butler's Salt Lake City showroom with 3-year-old, Indy, and her family. After an island themed buffet and surprise visits from Disney’s Moana characters, Indy was surprised by a balloon drop and lots of fanfare.

Indy 2

Indy’s mom Terah later said, “Indy was granted her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and tonight was her night to be celebrated! Two special companies came together to throw Indy this Moana inspired party. It meant the world to us. Cancer has brought a lot of heartache into our lives, but it has also brought many moments of a unique and special joy. Indy is getting a playhouse for her wish! A darling little cottage with two levels, a front porch swing, a fireplace, and shutters. Tomorrow we go to pick out paint colors. They will furnish it and present it to Indy in August! My excitement is over the top— Indy is going to love her cottage for her entire life. Thank you Make-A-Wish for doing this for our sweet Indy Llew.”

For Make-A-Wish Corporate and Community Manager, Melanie Rossiter, this type of corporate charitable work is essential to carrying out these wishes. Rossiter said, “Thank you for putting your heart and soul into helping us grant more life-changing wishes for the past several months. The synergy between HB + VCBO has been palpable for me as I’ve worked with you both. I’m always met with extreme enthusiasm, kindness and a sincere desire to make a difference for our community of wish kids. We are so incredibly grateful that you have chosen to support us. Thank you for everything.”

For employees, seeing Indy’s joy made all the effort worthwhile. Plans are underway for the next big Make-A-Wish Fundraiser.

Indy 8