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HB Gives Furniture New Home to Aid Homeless

When Gardner Company approached Henriksen Butler about partnering on Salt Lake City’s new Homeless Resource Centers, the decision was simple; every effort would be made to support these three new essential community resources.

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A project team from Henriksen Butler and Spacesaver Intermountain worked together to mobilize every possible resource. Calling on customers from colleges, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and businesses, the group began gathering and storing gently used furniture, unsure of what might ultimately be used, but unwilling to pass up anything that could potentially be of value.

Many trips to the current homeless centers were made to measure and calculate storage needs and find ways for both used and new Spacesaver products to create highly functional storage for the new facilities.

The three new resource centers were designed to not only provide a safe, warm place to sleep, but a wide range of services and resources including housing navigation, employment services, life skills, meals, medical care, personal storage, counseling, and much more. Furniture and storage solutions had to feel inviting and comfortable while also being durable and highly functional.

Together with the support of generous donors, HB gathered over $2 million worth of used furnishings, which met about 80% of the overall need. HB Services completed the installations and on Friday, July 19, 2019, the ribbon was cut on the first building, the Geraldine E. King Homeless Resource Center, with the second and third facilities ready to open shortly following.

HB and Spacesaver Intermountain were proud to be part of this broad community effort, alongside partners from Gardner Company, AJC Architects, Salt Lake City government, Volunteers of America and Shelter the Homeless.

To read more about these innovative facilities or to volunteer, visit their website.