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MASHstudios is a multidisciplinary design firm that combines award winning design, engineering experience, and local manufacturing capabilities.

Founded in 2002 by Bernard Brucha, MASHstudios is supported by a diverse team of designers and engineers, grounded in the core competencies of industrial design and fabrication.

Recognizing the need for workspaces and furnishings that more accurately respond to our clients’ culture, MASHstudios created a new approach to furniture in the workplace. In a workforce driven by culture, we understand that no two clients are the same and that every company and brand requires something different from their workspace. Thus, MASH’s mantra was born: We make Branded Office FurnitureTM. We find that a branded environment enhances more than aesthetics. It fosters your employees’ connection to your brand, establishes loyalty and strengthens recruitment opportunities. Due to MASHstudios’ custom approach, we are able to bring an incomparable level of design and thought to your space in order to create an environment that allows your staff to excel and business to thrive.

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