Wells Cargo

Las Vegas, NV

Wells Cargo Compressed 2

Wells Cargo was looking to create a new home for employees that considered their rich history while creating a modern brand experience. Our team partnered with Wells Cargo, BENTAR (General Contractor), and Simpson Coulter Studio (Architect) to collaborate on their vision, with HB leading programming and supporting design of pre-fabricated interior wall construction, furniture, and decor (artwork, plantings/containers). Upon the company’s post-pandemic return to the office, the furniture and walls provided flexibility needed to support the new needs of the organization.

In total, the space consists of 10 private offices, 11 workstations, a board room, collaborative areas, and workout facility throughout 5,100 square feet.

In Partnership With: Simpson Coulter Studio and BENTAR

Completed: 2021

Size: 5,100 sq. ft.

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