Spaces to Learn, Gather and Grow

As readership and engagement continue to grow with the support of new innovation, we look to libraries to offer a dynamic array of educational tools – from traditional stacks and digital archives, to study spaces and auditoriums.

Kearns Library 1

Throughout history, libraries have served as a cornerstone resource of gathering and connection in neighborhoods, schools, and universities. In today’s world, access to the ever-changing landscape of modern technology has become increasingly vital in the health and well-being of our communities.

Benefits from Recent Innovations Include:

  • Culture of learning for all ages through new, accessible tools and technologies.
  • Free for all without compromise to the quality of experience.
  • Inclusive culture supported through access to wealth and diversity of knowledge.
  • Engaging and user-friendly spacial experience with modern technology integration.
  • Supportive, dynamic environments made possible by lightweight, ergonomic furniture and storage.
Marmalade Library 4

With over four decades of experience serving our own communities, we bring our fundamental belief in the value of connection between design and accessibility to library projects, using our expertise to help build better spaces to teach, learn, gather, and grow. And, by partnering with the industry’s best designers and manufacturers through Herman Miller, Spacesaver, and DIRTT, we’re able to support a full-solution approach to libraries from the ground up.

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